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Free Weights

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Our Free Weight selection is one of the best in Yuma. We have a total of over 40,000 pounds of weights with plates up to 100 pounds, dumbells up to 160 pounds, and bars that range from 5 pounds to 110 pounds. More info…

Circuit Rooms

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We have a wide selection of weight machines in the circuit room for you to take advantage for creating proper form during your work out. We also have another circuit room dedicated to free weights. No matter what you want to do, we can give you the tools to do them! The exercises that you can do on these machines include…

Cardio Machines

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The Cardio Room has everything you need to get your heart pumping! A total of 51 cardio machines! 20 treadmills, 12 elliptical riders, 7 AMT’S, 2 spinning bikes, 2 rowing machines, 2 steppers, 6 step mills, 3 upright bikes, and 5 recumbent bikes! 51 of these different machines you can plug in your head phone jacks and watch your own personal 15inch touchscreen TV while working out. Also  each machine has full internet access for facebook, emails, youtube, netflix etc…

Raquet Ball & Basketball

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Need to work on your jump shot or put the racquet to the ball? We’ve got you covered with both indoor racquetball and basketball courts! We have …


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We have boxing…

Locker Rooms & Showers

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For your sanitary convenience we have both male and female locker rooms available. In these rooms you can lock your belongings with your own lock in our provided lockers to give you a little piece of mind while you work out. After wards you can shower off in our single sex showers to leave the gym refreshed and ready to tackle what you have next to do!


Benefits to the 4th Avenue Gym extend beyond our walls! By being a member you get additional Perks! You’ve worked out hard and deserve a little reward, take your membership card to The Crossing, Papa-San or Coffee Bean and receive 10% your final bill! They have healthy options as well as a few treats to reward yourself on your off day!


We have many types of membership available to meet all people’s needs.

Single MembershipFamily Membership
Club Member$39.00$62.00
Month To Month$53.00$79.00
Two Weeks$45.00$55.00
One Week$35.00$45.00
Day Pass$12.00
3 Months$134.00$207.00
6 Months$254.00$384.00
12 Months$438.00$648.00

Educators, Law Enforcement, Military, Fire Fighters or YRMC staff receive a 10% discount. We appreciate your contributions to our community!

Corporate Rates for Businesses: Memberships as low as $1.00 a day! Please contact Justin Haile at 928.782.6874 for more information.

Family Membership includes husband, wife and one child from 13 to 19 years of age. Every additional child is $5.00 a month.

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